De La Soul are using Kickstarter to make their first album in 11 years

    De La Soul have created a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their new album, which is set to feature contributions from Damon Albarn, 2 Chainz, Little Dragon and David Byrne. Additional collaborators will be announced. The LP, which will be the band’s first studio album in 11 years, will “incorporate elements of Jazz, […]



Jay Z’s TIDAL music service to be owned by artists

    ARTICLE CREDITS : CNN MONEY      Jay Z along with some of the biggest artists in music made waves on Monday with the announcement of TIDAL, the first-ever artist owned streaming service.   “We come to you with one voice in unity,” artist Alicia Keys said during the live event. “The first […]

12 Reasons Supporters Claim Obama is One of the Best Presidents in History

    Being the President of the United States is no easy task. No matter what policies they institute or referendums they veto, there will always be people that criticize their overall efforts. Barack Obama is no different than the other 43 Presidents before him, getting plenty of negative feedback from his peers. That said, […]



Apple and Beats Developing Streaming Music Service to Rival Spotify

    Apple Plans Beats Redesign To Rival Spotify   ARTICLE CREDITS : NEW YOUR TIMES    In what would be the biggest change to its music strategy in years, Apple is pressing ahead with a sweeping overhaul of its digital music services that would allow the company to compete directly with streaming upstarts like […]


    ARTICLE CREDITS : VLAD TV    With the 20th anniversary of Tupac Shakur’s death on the horizon, his estate is currently in talks to release various projects including music, poems, possible films and more. According to Billboard, Afeni Shakur has been working closely with Tom Whalley and Jeff Jampol since 2013 to come […]



Immortal Technique Arrested On Robbery Charges

  ARICLE CREDITS : HIP HOP DX   Immortal Technique and his manager were recently arrested on charges of suspicion of robbery and attempting to prevent or dissuade a victim from reporting a crime. Immortal Technique was arrested Thursday (March 26) on suspicion of assault and robbery in connection with street vendors who were allegedly […]