Russell Simmons: Public Enemy Made Louis Farrakhan Popular

  ARTICLE CREDITS > ALL HIP HOP NEWS .COM   (AllHipHop News)  Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin, the two Def Jam founders discussed one of the label’s iconic acts – Public Enemy. Simmons offered high praise for the legendary rap group. “Public Enemy changed everything about Black America. They made [Louis] Farrakhan popular,” said Simmons. “They […]


Derek Jeter Gatorade

New York Yankees .. Derek Jeter’s New Gatorade Commercial Receiving Rave Reviews

  A new commercial featuring Derek Jeter is making the Internet rounds, and for good reason. Jeter’s newest Gatorade spot — released Monday, according to its YouTube description — started to circulate Thursday morning, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who wasn’t impressed. The new ad for the soon-to-be-retired Yankees shortstop and captain features Jeter […]

Urbanworld Film Festival 2014 (Sept 17th – 21st)

Urbanworld Film Festival, presented by BET Networks, was launched in August 1997 by founder Stacy Spikes, a former executive at Miramax and October Films. Over the past 16 years, Urbanworld has presented over 1000 features, shorts and documentaries, with estimated attendance reaching 30,000. Now in its 16th year, Urbanworld is one of the largest internationally […]

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NASA Brings Hip Hop Physics Tour to Seattle Youth

NASA’s “Forces in Motion” show is an interactive, traveling hip-hop concert that teaches Newton’s Universal Law of Gravity and Three Laws of Motion. Named after Newton’s Second Law of Motion [Force equals Mass times Acceleration], the show connects science and engineering to everyday life. And how studying Newtonian physics can lead to interesting, competitive careers. […]

Holy Hip Hop Has New Home – is a Christian hip hop online magazine, one of the top Christian Hip Hop websites. The website contains many sections such as latest news, album reviews, articles, interviews, mp3′s, videos, release dates, columns, and more. Rapzilla is known for its up-to-date news. The website’s goal is to cover quality Christian hip hop music and […]


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Talib Kweli & Pharrell speak Ferguson, MO with CNN’s Don Lemon

After last month’s CNN interview with Talib Kweli, which didn’t go too well, Don Lemon recently sat down with Pharrell Williams to discuss the situation in Ferguson, Mo. Although Williams was noticeably upset during the interview, it went a lot smoother than Lemon’s interview with Kweli. check for interview below:    


Rap collective StarVation make up the first “Back 2 Da Boom Bap” mix-tape hosted by Rhythm FM 93.7 deejay Smooth. The mix-tape displaying the talents of artists that span three continents including Africa, Europe, and the United States and encompasses that old school flair that “real” hip-hop heads know and love. The global project features […]




Tokyo Tribe, the live-action adaptation of a controversial manga that combines American-style hip-hop culture with an ultra-violent gangland setting reminiscent of The Warriors.  The original manga, created by Santa Inoue, takes place in an alternate-universe Tokyo of the mid-1990s where youth gangs fight for control of territories using guns, martial-arts and freestyle rap skills. Though set in […]

Apple Unveils iWatch & iPhone 6

    It’s official: Apple has released a 5.5-inch iPhone. Officially called the iPhone 6 Plus, the device is Apple’s first entry into the phone-tablet hybrid (a.k.a. “phablet”) market. It also released the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch at an event in Cupertino, California that was slightly marred by problems with its livestream. A few of […]



B-Real Details Returning To DJ Muggs’ Production On Upcoming Cypress Hill Project

  ARTICLE COURTESY FROM HIPHOP DX   Cypress Hill gets production from DJ Muggs for its next effort. Cypress Hill is set to have DJ Muggs on board for its next project, “It’s been a while since we’ve worked with Muggs on the production end,” B-Real says in an interview withREVOLT. “This is gonna be a really good one. […]